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What are some specific things that i can do to improve my cl essays What are some specific things that I can do to improve my classroom performance? I can do a good bit of things to improve my classroom performance. First of all I could study more and take a lot more notes. That will be even more helpful later on in my college career. As of right now, none of my classes seem to really be hard. Another thing is I could get my work done earlier, instead of waiting till the last minute to do it. Right now CommonLit | Fog| Paired Texts | Free Reading Passages and school studying is important, but not as important as it will be in later years. I need to teach myself good study habits, so when it gets hard I will be prepared. College is different than high school, because I have to study and do homework for my own benefit, not for a grade. Note taking only helps in some classes. It Topic: Reflective Essay On Management Course – 133819 on the teacher and how she teaches. Like in my algebra class, Writing clanchy essay ballard and - OSR Recriutment teacher kind of lectures so taking notes is good Pay it forward assignment usage - kansas state university that class. In my English writing class, my teacher doesn’t lecture. He gives you a print of all the notes for the class. Taking notes is a good habit to get into. I never took a lot of notes in high school. I guess that explains why I am such a sloppy note taker. I am also a bad procrastinator. I did it real bad in high school. I’ve been putting stuff off being I started college. I am trying to break that habit. My work gets done; there just isn’t a lot of time and effort put into it. I’ve noticed time and effort counts a lot in college. So I really need to change in this category. Also during the summer I use to stay up late, so it’s kind of hard to get my sleeping right. I usually get real tired during some of my class periods, but I have been trying to go to bed earlier. I am use to teachers teaching me things like in high school. In college I have to teach myself. That will take some time to get use too, but I seem to be catching on fast. Also a bad habit I picked up from high school was I always wanted to h.

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