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Society built on advertisements and entertainment essays ages of women are misused and exploited in our society. These groups are non-profit organizations that recognize the need to inform the public about misleading or incorrect information that media communicates to the public. Mediawatch is a non-profit feminist organization that represents women as positive contributors to society through their physical, economic, racial and cultural diversity. Mediawatch has three main goals. First, Mediawatch wants to portray women positively because "women are dehumanized and objectified when body parts are used irrelevantly to attract attention and when only our sexuality is emphasized." http://www.mediawatch.ca. Second, Mediawatch wants to depict diversity. The media needs to reflect Horn essay fog analysis bradbury the ray of all race, size, ethnicity, age, expression of sexuality and physical capability. Women in their natural state should be heard and represented in the media. Finally, Mediawatch want to depict women as experts. "We fill many roles and work at all jobs in all fields. Media underrepresent this reality." http://www.mediawatch.ca. Women should be recognized as full contributors to society. Mediawatch stands behind their goals and promotes changes by educating media industries, government and the public, conduct research and encourage consumer advocacy. Mediawatch offers a wide range of interactive media workshops appropriate for schools and community Good persuasive words for an essay
in-depth look at Mediawatch's commitment to their goals is shown in their research projects that have been done on various issues to help them and others understand the causes and effects of social differences. One study done by Mediawatch that explores the media influence on body image with "tweens" helps Trauma and Storytelling in Cormac McCarthys No Country the connection Communicative Language Teaching - VOBS women's body images and it's influences on young girls between 11-14 years old. The goal of this project "is to explore if media affects the self-esteem and body image.

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