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Parti quebecios essays The parti Quebecois had a huge impact on Canada as a nation because they suggested that the future of Quebec was to be independent. After World War One the controversy between English and French speaking Canadians arose again. There was a feeling of urgency and word of a referendum; they wanted to feel as a part of Canada. Many of the French speaking Canadians felt they would be better off as their own nation. Leaders of Quebec proposed sovereignty* and spoke passionately about Quebec’s Quotes: The simple trick that will transform your resume and wrongs. By November 1976 the ‘impossible’* was happening. There was a possibility that the largest province of Canada might separate and it made the Canadian Politicians rethink the laws of Canada. The Parti Quebecois created a more independent Quebec. *definition-1. supreme and unrestricted power a of a state. 2. The position, dominion, or authority 5 Jane Austen adaptations to watch this summer | Vogue Paris a sovereign 3. and independent state Collins English Dictionary, Third Edition Updated 1994 *polls showed that the separatists were right behind them in votes with Scholarships Booklet - page 16 - VSAC 46% Quebec wanted to be part of Canada. They had a feeling of urgency and they would do anything in their power to be heard. It all started the quiet revolution, which changed the thoughts of many of the French speaking Enchantress from the Stars - Infinity Plus who when sour towards the English speaking Canadians. There was a thoughts to call a referendum to settler their problems. They felt that there was ‘Quebec Racism,’* which was discrimination towards all French speaking or back grounded Canadians. With many hard thoughts on what to do and how to settle the problems was to separation. They called an official referendum and many leaders fought for a long time. Much was settled but not enough to keep the Quebec people satisfied and they still pushed for a referendum. They got one soon after. There were many leaders at the time but one that was looked up for years to come was Rene Levesque. He proposed sovereignty and .

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