Thursday, August 16, 2018 4:12:20 PM

Why saddam hussein must be forcibly removed from power essays Should Saddam Hussein be forcibly removed from power? Although many of America’s allies refuse to support military action against Saddam because of possible casualties, Saddam must be removed from power because of the thereat that he poses to the world. Saddam Hussein must be forcibly removed from power because he poses a thereat to countries neighboring Iraq. In 1991, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. In addition to causing the Persian Gulf War, this action caused the deaths of many civilians in Kuwait and disturbed the world economy. Therefore, Saddam Hussein must be removed from power: to relieve a terrorist threat, to stop his tyranny against the civilians in Iraq, and to free Iraq from dictatorship. One of the important reasons to remove Saddam Hussein from power is to reduce the terrorist threat that he poses to America and its allies. Saddam Hussein supports terrorists. Not only does Saddam Hussein harbor terrorists in Iraq, but he also offers financial support and weapons to terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda. Saddam Hussein also trains Al Crude Oil Market 2018 Global Key Players warriors in secret training camps located in Iraq. In addition to supporting terrorists, Saddam Hussein also manufactures chemical and biological weapons in secret factories in Iraq. He also has access to nuclear weapons. Biological weapons are pathogens that are intentionally engineered, designed, and cultivated to be used to quickly terminate anyone who comes into contact with the pathogen. These pathogens are then delivered to their target using a ballistic missile or sprayed from an aircraft. Under Saddam Hussein Iraq has produced large quantities of biological weapons such as: anthrax, botulism, and aflatoxin. Anthrax is usually sprayed from a low flying aircraft onto a large concentration of people. Untreated, anthrax is almost always fatal within five days. Botulism is a form of food poisoning and is delivered using a ballistic missile. Botulism is a bacterium that.

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