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1983 essays The life of Ben Carson was filled with many events, crossroads, turning points and people who influenced him. He was given a gift from God. That gift was his hand coordination. His precise handling and control has made him one of the most successful doctors in the world. But how did he get there? Certain events and people he met along the way have made him what he is today. Someone who has affected his life the most was his mother, Sonya Carson. She always motivated him during his life, always giving him that extra push he needed to succeed. An example of her motivation would be when Ben was failing in his studies, especially mathematics. Sonya made Ben remember the multiplication table. She also gave him encouraging words, such as " You can do it, Bennie. You just have to set your mind to concentrating ". Also when Their everyday College needs. If you have - ChuckIII told his mom SparkNotes: Black Like Me: Suggested Essay Topics I want to be a doctor. Can I be a doctor, mother? " She retorted " Bennie, listen to me. If you ask the lord for something and believe He will do it, then it will happen ". Words like that will encourage any child to be what they want to be. Why did he want to become a doctor? When Ben was eight years old, he went to church and heard a story about a man and a woman who were running away from people who were chasing them. They prayed that the people wouldn't find them. Their prayers were answered when they stumbled upon a small ditch and hid there. Ben believed God helped them in their time of need. That's when he decided to become someone who helped people. A doctor. This of course was an influence to him. He never set nominal goals. His mother also influenced him to never settle for less, and aim high. He then got much better grades in school and reached the top of the class. And choosing a profession like being a doctor is certainly not aiming low. Ben also had certain turning points that changed his life. Such as the time when he was in ninth grade. He .

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