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Friday, August 10, 2018 1:19:08 AM

English essay essays n’s father is a caring, over protective, Southern California Edison - SCE serious man. Blaming him will serve no justice, although Susan’s father strictly set rules for her to Identity Politics Can Only Get Us So Far - Jacobin, standing by them noticeably firm. Why I ask would he kill his own daughter without gaining anything. Being a caring father, making those rules for his daughter to follow, outstandingly implies the love he has for her. He only wanted the best for his daughter, giving her the proper steps she must take to attain a successful life. Now I shall repeat my opening statement, saying my client, Susan’s father, had nothing to do with her death. Your honor, please listen as I cry out to you the suspect who should be arrested for this young women’s tragedy. Susan’s best friend should be accused of Susan’s death. We all know that Susan made an attendance with her best friend, pleading for help on an abortion, but since her best friend did not believe in abortions she surprisingly turned Susan down instantly. How can your best friend, the person that you can share everything with, not help you with a problem, and ask for advice only to turn you down on an immensely important subject, in this .

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