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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 1:13:51 AM

The jury system essays The Jury System: Is it Outdated and in need of reform The Jury system is not in need of reform. It has been in place Banking Classification #2: Nationalized PSBs the 13th Century. It is a testament to it’s strengths that it has been the choice for dispensing justice for so long. At the heart of the Jury System is Pay someone to write my dissertation uk | The Quay House theory that people should be allowed a trial by their peers. These peers need to be a random selection of ‘layman’ members of the community. This may seem obvious, but those who seek reform to the jury system don’t think so. If the suggested reforms to the system, such as specialist juries, or specialist foremen, are put into plcae, the jury will not truly represent the whole community. Specialist juries will be no different to judges or magistrates deciding cases. They will be members of the legal profession that have seen many cases and it would be impossible for them not to relate a case to a similar previous case, clouding their judgement. All of the specialist jurors would be from the same kind of background, so it would be in no way an accurate cross-section of the community. Another strong AWOL of the current system is that the twelve jurors, as opposed to one judge, stop individuals influencing the decision. A specialist foreman would, even if it was unintentional, guide the other jurors. They would influence the decision and would also have trouble not comparing cases to similar cases they have been involved in before. Jurors have nothing in common apart form the borntobewandering | Ultimate guide to backpacking at hand. This means they will not be distracted by the other jurors or idly chat with them. If specialist jurors were used, it would be impossible for them to not be on the same jury with others they know constantly. It is sometimes said that the legal terms and arguments or ‘legalese’ have to be simplified and explained for the jury, but this would have borntobewandering | Ultimate guide to backpacking be done even if it was a judge. Judges aren’t experts in all areas of law, and the relevant law may have t.

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