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Peta essays An interest group is just about any collection of people trying to influence government policy. Some of the groups are transient while others are permanent. Some groups influence a particular policy while others focus on broad changes. Both the executive and administrative agencies are worked through as well as the judicial and legislative sectors by interest groups. Others work through public opinion. One tactic that interest groups use to influence government is engaging in occasional violence. Although this fighting is done in the context of influencing the government the interest groups often fight to guard their respective turfs. Also government calls many interest groups into life, for they are associated with government programs. There are different types of lobbies because there are programs that enable the lobbies to form. Once the government is funding something, the interest group that benefits from it wants the program to continue. As the government becomes bigger and sponsors more programs, the interest groups also get bigger. Lastly, interest groups participate in government legislation and implementation. Corporatism comes into play and that is simply the direct participation of interest groups in government. Interest groups approach lawmakers. Lobbying is a strategy that receives the most attention. The group may want a new law and some people they may want to approach are legislators such as US Senate, HR, state assembly, state senate and many more. Approaching the administration such as the President, Federal Power Commission, or the Dept. of Agriculture may give the interest group a more favorable interpretation of existing rules and cohesion jobs | Guardian Jobs. Approaching the Judiciary enables cases that are filed by interest groups to be heard in the The Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke - Amazon courts. Public appeals and demonstrations are also some interest group strategies. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an international.

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