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New businesses of the 1920 essays New Businesses of the 1920’s After World War I many nations where economically defeated. Germany and Japan inparticular, struggled with their economy. The United States was one of the few nations that flourished during this period (Groner 273-275). There was an explosion of new businesses in the 1920’s, mostly in the industries of transportation, entertainment and retail sales. World War Aristotles Book The Nicomachean Ethics Philosophy Essay was the first war in which airplanes were used. They were first flown for observation, but later began to engage in bombing and aerial duels (Baughman 87). After the war people began to realize the many uses of airplanes. Many airlines that had their beginnings in the 1920’s started out carrying mail Causes of Human Trafficking - Human Trafficking then switched over to the growing business of passenger flights (Mattera 483-484). One of the first airlines was Douglas Airlines. It was started by Donald Douglas in Santa Monica, CA (Aviation Resource Center 3). Although it is not operating under that name any longer, it paved the way for the many airlines to come. Another big airline was American Airlines. It was started by a few Wall Street financiers who accumulated a couple of airline companies and combined them (Mattera 496). Delta Airlines also had its beginnings in the 1920’s. Delta started out as a crop-dusting operation in Louisiana. When they switched over to mail and passengers flights, they dominated the Southeast (Mattera 497). Juan Trippe, a twenty-four year old from New York bought nine flying boats that the U.S. Navy was going to scrap and established Pan American Airlines (Mattera 499). Another huge airline in the 1920’s that is still around today is Trans World Airline. TWA had its start in 1926 as Western Air Express. With all the rising air companies there was a need for production of the airplanes themselves. That is where Pratt and Whitney Broken Chain by Gary Soto - Tredyffrin/Easttown School filled the need. In 1925 they began their business of building aircraft engines in Connecticut. .

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