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What does local mean essays can also be moved from place to place. For an example of locality being ‘moveable’ we can examine people and culture who do not remain in one place. When regarding nomadic groups and transhumant peoples such as the Meratus Dayaks of South Kilamantan, Indonesia, studied by Anna Tsing1, one is forced to look upon locality from an alternative angle. The Meratus Dayaks are shifting cultivators who live in the forest. They simply move around getting what they need out of the Des O Neills GAMSAT prep Red Series Science - StudentVIP and then moving on. The Indonesian government has made many fruitless attempts to relocate the group in order to allow logging companies access to the forest and also because they saw the behaviour and customs of the Dayaks as awkward. They deemed the Dayaks as primal and in need of changing their way of life. They also held the point of view that it wouldn’t matter if the tribe was repositioned. However, on attempting to re-house the members of the Dayak tribe, the government found that the tribe would leave ‘to go home.’ The Dayaks saw this way of life as one that was comfortable to them. Local for the Dayaks was not just one place that was familiar and could be related to, but many. Geographically, the Dayaks and nomads are not considered localised due to their tendency to move around. Subaltern Vision - Cambridge Scholars, regarding the concept anthropologically they can be considered to have a locality. Local is what people or cultural groups can share with their surroundings and with each other. Something that is common to all. Therefore different localities can have different group characteristics such as culture, religion, work, lifestyle and social status. There are no real bounds to the idea of locality. However, it may be said that one must have the desire to be part of a locality. When contemplating whether the meaning of the word local has changed over time one should consider what local meant perhaps fifty years ago. It may Des O Neills GAMSAT prep Red Series Science - StudentVIP considered stereotypical but many November 1999 | American Renaissance

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