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Thursday, August 16, 2018 1:46:23 PM

Schziphrenia essays Schizophrenia is a disastrous mental illness that is present in only 1% of the world’s population. Doctors are still unsure of what the causes of schizophrenia are, and no medical cure has been discovered for this illness. Physicians have developed medical treatments, although the problem is getting the patient to stay on Essay on Why Music is Important - 2173 Words | Cram medication. Many alternative medications have been tested; for instance marijuana is believed to help in the battle between schizophrenia and the person it affects. Schizophrenics should be admitted to hospitals where doctors can be positive they are correctly diagnosed, and make sure they’re not dangerous, and can survive in society. Schizophrenia is probably the most misunderstood illness in society today. Even doctors have a hard time agreeing on what forms of treatment are best for the patient. From pills to marijuana all types of drugs are used, a recent study showed only 29% of over 2 million Americans suffering from schizophrenia actually receive t! he correct dose of the correct medication. Most doctors would agree that isolation only deepens the illness, so the more social the person is the better off they are. However, schizophrenic’s can be very dangerous in public, one mental patient might shove a person to their death under a subway train for no reason except for their illness. This is a frightening thing; a way Interesting Extended Essay Topics - 383104 - control schizophrenia is the need for the patient having to stay in a special hospital for a period of time. In a hospital a patient will be able to receive proper medication from a highly experienced doctor, and also will become familiar with the medicine and how to take it properly. Also the patient will be able to socialize with others, who have a similar illness. The patients may receive psychiatric help if they do become violent. Finally, once the patients prove to be mentally fit, properly diagnosed, and able to take their medicine on the designated time period from the doctor Essay on Why Music is Important - 2173 Words | Cram

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