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Sunday, August 05, 2018 9:17:25 AM

Cellular and developmental neu essays Seminar by Akiba Chiba: Cellular and developmental neurobiology; molecular mechanisms of neuronetworking in Drosophila The objective of this study seemed to be to understand the different key molecules that interact during neuro-networking. Akira Chiba was the speaker and addressed certain questions regarding the particular processes of the self- organization of the brain. Other ideas addressed were the specific molecules interacting during the neuro-networking of the brain, also the specifics of axons and dendrites. I was not sure whether or not the results supported the hypotheses because I did not understand the experimental results when Akira Chiba spoke of them. I believe the next experiment that he is interested in performing would be the continuation of understanding growth cone dynamics, dendritic development and guidance, synaptic matchmaking, and real-time signal Culture in Development - UCSD Cognitive Science study uses the Drosophila embryonic neurons, genetics and single cell analysis. The experiments were designed to test how specific molecules interact and integrate during neuro-networking. There were many methods used by the investigator to further study the processes dealing with neuro- networking. The investigators addressed the growth cone of both axons Drug awareness essay - dendrites by following the molecular and cellular activities that end in synapses and neuro- networks. They monitored the genetic and cellular integration that occurs inside and outside the growth cones in vivo. They used a variety of methods such as genetic manipulations, micro-inject into single neurons, and laser activated specific genes and proteins. In my opinion I believe the speaker was interesting but I found it difficult to follow him at times. I thought his presentation was somewhat confusing at times due to my lack of knowledge on the subject matter. The topic was very appealing due to the idea of understanding the specific processes of the neuro-networking of the b.

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