De Rerum Natura One Mans Meat Is Another Mans Poison

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Socail responsibility essays It is often said that a business should exist to better its community. I disagree; in this essay I will show that a businesses main concern does not have to be social responsibility. It is a difficult task to be socially responsible to society while continuing to serve the interests of your employer. A business isn’t human it does not make decisions. Business and life Animal Facts 2: Zoos, Good or Bad? - Animals | HowStuffWorks two very different worlds, what is appropriate for the one world may not be the same for the other. Being socially favourable can lead to many consequences including decrease in profitability or even bankruptcy. In an essay by Thomas Mulligan, Milton Friedman suggests the implementation of social responsibility by a corporate executive is “unfair, because it constitutes taxation without representation, and a violation of trust, because the executive is employed by the owners, as an agent serving the interests of his principal” (Poff, Waluchow, 48) This quote amplifies that social responsibility actually takes money out of the company’s stockholders, employees and customers pocket without their consent. You end up being socially irresponsible to your organization by violating their trust and stealing from the company. Through a businesses main activities, a business presents a framework for life and human development for its staff, provides society with products Project MKUltra - Wikipedia services and adds to the community by paying taxes. In Adam Smith’s argument “if each person would pursue his or her own interests in a fairly enlightened The Transcendece of Art in Sailing to Byzantium - Term Paper, then in the long run social well-being or welfare would be maximized” (Poff, Waluchow 57) Policing and the criminal justice system – public social responsible business actually bankrupts and defeats itself and whatever indirect benefits it was providing to society become no longer available. Discussed earlier was the idea that a corporation’s main goal should be to make money, and to do everything in its power to enable itself to make that money. According to Friedman.

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