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10 Reasons Why You Should Travel To The Philippines Visiting the Philippines is big fun. Perfect beaches. Friendly locals. Beautiful nature. Plus, it's a cheap country to travel, you'll get a great value for your money. I've been f̶o̶u̶r̶ ten times to the Philippines and spent in total more than eight months there and hell. This place blew my mind! Whenever I meet travelers, I encourage them to travel the Philippines, but for some reasons, people are still hesitant and stick to the ordinary "Thailand-Laos-Cambodia-Vietnam Route". Don't miss out on such an amazing country!! In my opinion, Philippines is better than all of these countries together. And I tell you why! In my experience, from all the Asians I have met, Filipinos are the most kind and friendly people, extremely welcoming and curious, but also respectful. They always seem happy and smiling, and they love to sing and to dance whenever there is an occasion to celebrate. I don't feel like a walking wallet in the Philippines and getting in touch with locals and becoming friends with them is much easier over there than in other countries. If I look in my Facebook, I think by now I have more friends from Philippines than from my own country. I'm still in touch with many Filipinos I met during my trips, many of them I met again or even traveled together. They turned out as faithful, kind and caring friends. To sum it up, I love them! Philippines is one of the largest island groups in the world with 7,107 islands. Philippines islands and beaches are. Heaven. Paradise. Amazing (see my blog post about Palawan). No kidding. I hardly found better beaches in the world than there. The queen of all the beaches is probably White Beach in Boracay, constantly rated as one of the Top 10 beaches of the world. I wouldn't say it's the best one, but certainly the most famous one. If you are into white sandy beaches and turquoise crystal-clear waters, you're in the right country. Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands. It's not hard to find your dream beach or a pristine island over there and having it all for yourself. Here some more images, click to enlarge! When I noticed all the giant shopping malls in Manila, I had a feeling that Filipinos must be crazy about shopping. Later I figured out that shopping is also a way of family gathering HISPANIC DEVELOPMENT FUND SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM them. Or as one of my Filipina friends says: "They come for the air conditioning." Anyway, shopping in the Philippines can be quite a worthwhile experience. The country is known ornament is crime - Ornament and Crime: Selected Essays many as a great handicraft center. Manila has fantastic shopping opportunities. There are a lot of places to go and it all depends on what you intend to buy, and how much is your budget. SM City North EDSA, located in Quezon City is the biggest mall in South East Asia, SM Mall of Asia in Pasay is the 2nd largest mall in the Philippines after SM City North EDSA, and the 4th largest shopping mall in the world. Boutiques, supermarkets, fashion outlets, restaurants of all kinds, coffee shops, movie theaters and 3D cinemas, Internet cafes, Spas, you will find everything there to entertain yourself for a whole day. If you look for something like a flea market, check out Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan, loads of stalls with DVDs, antiques, jewelry and pearls and of course cheap fake branded clothes. Philippines is home of a diverse range of birds, plants, animals and sea creatures. There are nearly 200 mammal species in the Philippines. The Philippine Tarsier is one of the smallest (and cutest!) species of monkeys in the world. You will find more than 600 species of birds, over 300 species of reptiles and amphibians and at least 400 coral species. From the giant whale shark to the world's smallest fish ( Pandaca pygmea)everything you can dream of is united in the beautiful islands of the Philippines. Philippines has some stunning surroundings, the fantastic Chocolate Hills in Bohol, the Rice Terraces in Banaue, the incredible Archipelago of El Nido. You can climb one of the 37 volcanoes, for example the Mount Pinatubo, or see the world's smallest volcano of Taal. You can discover caves, lakes and waterfalls. Ornament is crime - Ornament and Crime: Selected Essays you love nature, you will love the Philippines. Luckily, the weather in the Philippines does not reach a point of extreme hot or extreme cold temperatures, so you can easily adapt to the tropical weather. The best time to go is between November and May. They also have a monsoon season over there and loads of rain between June and October. But honestly, I don't care, it wouldn't stop me from going there if I would have a chance. Nothing is more magical than swimming in the sea on a rainy day, the sun shines through the clouds and the water is 30°C. Anyway, the weather is pretty much unpredictable since global warming. Well, I know, Filipino cuisine is not that famous around the globe, and I have to admit, I've never seen a Filipino restaurant outside of the country. BUT that doesn't mean the food tastes bad, Law Enforcement at all! Filipinos love their food and there are a lot of things worth trying ! It probably describes it best to say, Filipino food is a mix of Malay, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and American cuisine. Check this out: Calamansi juicemade of a citrus fruit. Philippines has too many bananas, they invented a new type of ketchup: the Banana ketchup . Halo-Haloa delicious dessert made of milk, kidney beans, fruits and ice cream. Too much for one, so please share (with someone nice)! Be brave and try Baluta boiled egg with an underdeveloped Pay someone to write my dissertation uk | The Quay House (embryo) inside! Pancitnoodles with veggies and meat. Siniganga tamarind based sour soup. Barbecue sticks of chicken/pork intestines. Adoboa dish with chicken, beef or pork cooked with vinegar and soy sauce.

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