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Thursday, August 16, 2018 5:09:37 PM

This boy's life review essays In Wolff’s memoir This Boy’s Life he is constantly trying to reinvent himself so that he is able to gain the approval of others. He even becomes Catholic which allows him to change his name to Jack just for that purpose. For example he writes: I didn’t come to Utah to Subaltern Vision - Cambridge Scholars the same boy I’d been before. I had my own dreams of transformation. Western dreams, dreams of freedom and dominion and taciturn self-sufficiency. The first thing I wanted to do was change my name. (8) Every time he and his mother moved he had this same dream to change himself. This idea of self invention is important to him and allows him to lie to himself and others. Part of this could be due to the fact that the father figure is not present in his life, or because his mother is not able to provide the structured home that every young boy needs while growing up. He does not know how to view himself and instead of focusing on who he could be, his desire for approval and friendship leads him down the path of trouble. In Utah he starts going to a Catholic school and he lies to fit in and receive the approval of Sister James. Before communion Wolff is supposed to make a confession to the Father. His first attempt being a failure, Sister James takes him to the rectory kitchen and tells him what she confessed about. When he returns to give his confession, he takes Sister James confession and gives it to the Father. He lied so that he could receive the approval of the Sister and the Father. Another incident happens that shows how worried he is about the approval of others. While he is pretending to be a sniper he notices a car slowly coming up the hill. The car Comparison of London in front of Wolff’s building and out steps Sister James. Soon after he hears her knocking on the door, but he is afraid of her. “I stayed where I was, still and silent, rifle in hand, afraid that Sister James would somehow pass through the locked door and discover me. What would she think? Wha.

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